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A Personal Message...

Dear Reader,

It is my goal and deepest pleasure  to bring together both intuitive readings and massage therapy based on my own experiences. As you saw on the introduction page, I have been seeing otherworldly beings since my childhood. I have come to know them as beings of light who are here to assist in the forward momentum, possibly evolution, and ascension of the human race. It is through, personal experience, textbook knowledge, and listening to this inner voice that I have found some really revolutionary ways to bring what is subconscious to consciousness, heal ourselves, so that we can assist in healing others as well. If we truly want to heal the world we start with healing ourselves first.


I began doing intuitive readings for the public in 2007 which was the beginning of Mind's Creation.  I established Mind's Creation on the concept that "to think a thought is to create it," yet I still had so many questions! One being, "Why do good people go through bad things?" What I discovered through the use of the tarot, allowing the inner voice to guide me, and sharing relayed information with my clients, that we have a subconscious vs. conscious mind that can be tricky and without awareness we can get stuck in a cycles. It is not until we bring our awareness to these areas of life, that we can look at it realistically, make a different decision, and take corrective action, changing ourselves and our  environment for the better. I will be sharing some of these personal experiences on my social media so that you can see how I tied them together.

In 2008 "on a whim" massage therapy found me or so that is what I believed initially.   I can give you a complete list of my credentials but I won't bore you with all of that now. I will say however, that I was very blessed to attend a vocational school that allowed the basic introduction of both Western and Eastern Medicine. I crammed four years of information being anatomy, pathologies, and various types of massage modalities, into my pregnant brain in seven months.  It was probably the most difficult and wonderful thing I had ever done. To my amazement I found that Western Medicine focused on immediate quick fix  and Eastern Medicine focused on prevention, using energy and symbols that I was already familiar with from other studies. For example one of my favorites is  the pentacle (pentagram) representing this time, an outline for Acupressure and healing the body. In other ideologies I found it to be a symbol of protection using the elements. The common denominator in both is each point on the star had an element though the meaning might have been just a bit different depending on where you researched and looked.  I knew I was on the right path and that is what I want to share with you. There is so much that we don't get exposed to that we need to share for the sake of healing and waking up to the reality of why we move through the situations we do. There is always something we can do to make a situation a little more bearable for ourselves as well as others. 

My goal is to bring a combination of intuitive readings and massage therapy to the forefront of what it really can be. Intuitive readings are the starting point of what is going on in the physical reality as well as the mind. Here we can find many ways to recognize physical as well as emotional elements that needed to be addressed, considered, and then moved into problem resolution. There are so many things that occur in a single reading, I want to share it all with you in good time.  It is when we take a look at what is going on in life, and the mind, that we can see these deep subconscious issues manifest within our lives as well as  the human body and from there we can customize an amazing massage plan to fit your need. I have found in doing the intuitive readings first, this allows for mental emotional elements of life to be set aside, to decompress even more on the massage table. There is a form of mental peace established so the physical relaxation and decompression can occur.  

The massage plan will start with a medical intake to determine what areas of tenderness or pain need to be addressed from client perspective, because the muscle tissue holds memory, we can look to see if there are any "holding patterns" that are contributing to the issue. For example, a client came to me with complaints of low back pain on the left side. I found through the massage that he had rolled his right ankle twenty years prior and was stepping on his foot incorrectly, establishing a zig zag pattern throughout his knees, and hip region, causing the low back pain! I said, "Did you roll your ankle?" He was stunned, "I did some twenty years ago." We were able to  recognized and release the compensation patterns, from his feet all the way up to his hips, low back, and even spine bringing him more relief then he ever expected. When we do body work we are impacting everything based on what the body and mind is ready to let go of. In bringing awareness to these things we can work to maintain, fix and or correct postural deviations.

Together in working the mind, emotions, and body we can impact the soul healing and releasing things that we didn't know we were holding on to. That is to me, where the space of "magick" happens. Is it magick or is it science that we have not been able to measure on a quantifiable level just yet? This is why the human experience is important. It is the element that science, in the field of massage therapy, has not been able to measure because human experience and scientific theory are subjective and not objective.  Everyone will respond differently to each session given a number of factors and that is why I want to educate and inform the public on just what exactly is happening. I will be making introductory videos and conducting classes on a number of topics that will assist you in your personal life. I will be introducing new ways to "Divine" Readings (ie: tarot, pendulum, runes, etc.) as well as the origins, history, and work established in different massage modalities. We have a lot to cover so I hope you not only have a magickal experience, but I hope you join me for this grand adventure. To live life, that is the greatest of adventures. 

Sending blessings of love and light, until we meet again!

Please feel free to call or text me to book your appointment today!


Laura Davis LMT MBW MEDM

Mind's Creation 


"Be the change you want to see in the world." ~Mahatma Gandhi 


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