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Intuitive Readings, Medical Massage Therapy, and More!


Intuitive Readings, Medical Massage Therapy, & More... 

Combining Eastern and Western Therapies Effectively 

By: Laura Davis Lmt Mbw Medm​ 

Born prematurely with severe medical issues, life presented challenges from birth. As soon as I could talk I began educating my family on otherworldly beings, which fostered a curiosity about various religions, faith, Divine, and why there was so much darkness in what I felt should be made light. After searching for many years,  I began doing readings for the public in 2007 sticking closely to Divine Light, Angels, and Masters.Massage school found me on a "whim" in 2008. After studying many religions I began to see a parallel to spirituality and healing. 

I graduated  from massage school, got my license, and my first job in the field, where I met a lady with stage four cancer that would change my life. 1100+ hours of study, ten years of doing readings for the public, eight years of hands-on massage practice, I am seeing a deep need for the correlation of assisting the spirit, the mind, the emotions, and the body and vice versa.  I want to share my findings with you.

I am currently writing a book and working on publishing my findings.  I will teach to the various things I have not only experienced but learned in an attempt to bring light the various options we have in healing ourselves first so that we can heal others. There is always something we can do to help in any situation we are in. 


Intuitive Readings  - By Email, Phone, or In Person​

I am self-taught tarotologist using life experiences, meditation, dream interpretation,  and astral projection as my guide to understanding the human psyche and healing my self. The more I healed myself the more I was able to trust what was happening in my sessions. 

I started working with Tarot at the age of 14. In 2007 I branched out into working for clients and began Mind's Creation. After an accumulation of helping people on what I felt were grand scales, my calling started to unfold right before my eyes.   My readings are different for each person based on need and area of focus. I receive information through the chakra centers via clairvoyance, clairaudience,  and claircognizance first which allow for departed loved ones to come through transitioning some areas of the reading to medium readings. I use many tools in any given session. I don't stick to a format specifically because we all learn in different ways. I will do what is necessary to get the message through in a clear, concise, way that you the client will understand so that you can walk away feeling empowered. 

Please come with an open mind and open heart into the reading process as this will allow for deeper more spiritual experiences.   Call to schedule your appointment  623-277-9724 Laura Davis LMT MBW  RMT MEDM <3 

Medical Massage Therapy: Energetic and Physical 

Intuitive Therapeutic Massage is customized to help the physical body first and foremost during the massage session. We will experience increased blood flow, circulation, as well as reduce muscle tension, increased quality of sleep, and more. 

Many times due to the design of the nervous system, and brain connectivity, we can relax and let go in such a fashion, that one may experience something called somato emotional response. It is not however the goal for the session but can happen. My goal is to customize each session specific to the individuals needs, based on a medical intake that we will do before we start the session. I will be educating more about this on our social media feeds. 

All Intuitive Readings and Massage Therapy sessions are separate for specific reasons. I do not cross doing intuitive readings with or while performing a massage because we are working with two very different intentions, focus, and  layers of energy.  All massage therapists are professional, licensed,  vetted and insured. 



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